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Feel Good in time for Christmas!

Welcome to our November eBulletin.

Do you know it’s only 31 days to Christmas? Don’t despair there is still time to look great and get into shape…especially as we at Feel Good Fitness are here to help you.

So before you head out to the shops have a look at what great offers and activities we have for you!

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about our fantastic membership offer. Join now and don’t pay anything until the 30 January 2017. T&C’s apply.

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Leisure at Richmond

Join now and pay nothing until the 30 January 2017

Join now and pay nothing until the 30 January 2017!

Take advantage of our great membership offer today. Sign up for a direct debit membership and pay nothing until the 30 January 2017. Offer is valid from 15 November to 31 December 2016, joining fee applies.

Unlike other clubs, there is more to us than just spending endless hours on the treadmill. You’ll receive first rate advice from our qualified team of instructors, a gym programme tailored to your individual needs and step-by-step support and motivation to help you stick to your goals. In fact, some members would even say that joining us has completely changed their lifestyle.

Feel good about…
• 4 pools, 5 gyms, and over 200 fitness classes
• Money back guarantees on all memberships
• Fully staffed state of the art gyms with qualified instruction
• Membership covers 6 centres
• Specially tailored services for those new to exercise
• Complimentary personalised programme every 14 visits
• Regular instructor led abdominal training services

Contact us today on 020 3772 2999 for more information.

Feel Good Swim School – new term booking dates

We are dedicated to helping parents keep their children active by providing excellent, safe and a well-established Feel Good Swim School at Teddington Pools & Fitness Centre.

For those wanting to learn to swim we offer courses for all ages and abilities. We have highly qualified instructors who will help to develop confidence both in and around the water.

Our January-April 2017 courses will start w/c 9 January

Junior Learn to Swim Booking Schedule

Assessment Week
Monday 21 to Saturday 26 November
Those who are not moving class at all – same level, time and day (received slip to say they are staying on the same level and want to stay on the same class)
Book Monday-Saturday after lesson

Monday 28 to Saturday 3 December
Those who are moving up but are staying on the same day (received slip to say they are moving up but happy to stay on the same day)
Book Monday-Saturday after lesson

Sunday 4 December
Any pupil wanting to change day (moving up or staying on the same level but wants to change day)
Book after 10am

Saturday 10 December
Infant pupils (pre-school/toddler) moving into the junior programme can book
Book after 12noon

Sunday 11 December
New pupils can book (first come first served, queuing system)
Book after 10am

Infant Learn to Swim Booking Schedule

Tuesday 6 December
Priority booking for existing pupils staying on the same day
Book Tuesday, Thursday and Friday after lesson

Saturday 10 December
Priority booking for existing pupils changing day
Book after 12noon

Tuesday 13 December
New pupils can book

We aim to challenge, encourage and motivate children to achieve their full swimming potential.

Please click here for more information or call the centre reception on 020 3772 2999.

Are you a Gold, Student or Corporate Feel Good Fitness member?

Don’t forget that all gold, student or corporate Feel Good Fitness members get access to all of our centres including Teddington Pools & Fitness Centre, Shene Sports & Fitness Centre, Pools on the Park, Hampton Sports & Fitness Centre, Whitton Sports & Fitness Centre and Teddington Sports Centre.

This includes fitness classes across all of these centres. So if your favourite class is full why not try a different one at another centre!

Contact us today on 020 3772 2999 or click here for more information.

New 3G floodlit pitch at Hampton Sports & Fitness Centre

Our new floodlit 3G Pitch at Hampton Sports & Fitness Centre provides the perfect playing surface regardless of weather. The pitch can be hired, per hour, as one third of a pitch or hired as a full pitch.

So if you and your mates are looking for somewhere to play football why not pop down to Hampton today.

For more information and to book please call Hampton Sports & Fitness Centre on 020 3772 2999.

Are your children interested in playing badminton?

Badminton isn’t one of the most common sports for children, but it can be a great way to get kids active, even if none of the other, more common, sports has caught their interest. These are some of the benefits of badminton for kids:

Badminton for kids is great exercise
Children need a lot of exercise to stay fit, so any activities that get them moving are great for their health. Badminton can be a particularly good sport as it is interesting, fun and fast-paced. Players get to rush around the court, chasing the shuttlecock, and since badminton is usually played individually or in doubles, every player gets plenty of exercise, which isn’t always the case in team sports for children.

Badminton can be played in pairs

Although badminton is an individual sport, it is played against a competitor, and it can also be played in pairs. This means that children can learn a lot about teamwork, communication, and working with other people. It also means that you can play too if you want to enjoy some quality time.

Badminton improves hand-eye coordination

Children’s badminton offers a chance to do more than just run around. Watching the shuttlecock flying up and trying to time and angle the hit correctly can help to improve their balance and coordination.

Exercise makes kids happier
Sport isn’t just good for children physically, but also mentally. Exercise can make people happier, and badminton can be particularly enjoyable as it is a sport that keeps players active and thinking throughout the whole match.

Badminton is a gentle sport
Some sports for children can be quite rough, and while this suits some children, others can be put off by contact sports that involve mud, rough play, and the chance of getting hit by a heavy ball. Badminton is a great option for children who want a gentler sport, or for those occasions when parents would prefer them to stay clean while they are getting active.

Badminton doesn’t require much equipment
Badminton is an affordable sport that doesn’t require much equipment. It can be played with just two people, a pair of racquets and a shuttlecock.

So why not come along to our new junior badminton coaching on Thursdays 5.45-7.00pm at Teddington Sports Centre. This is a 4 week course and will continue in our forthcoming January to April programme.

Please contact us on 020 3772 2999 for more information or to book your place.

Children’s ballet coming soon to Teddington

If your children are interested in taking dance lessons, you may want to consider enrolling them in a course in classical ballet. Ballet is a form of dance that relies heavily on physical strength and agility, strong concentration skills, an understanding of music and rhythm and a love of movement. Instruction in ballet can provide numerous benefits for children of all ages regardless of their skill level.

Our ballet classes will develop creativity, expression, coordination and control.

Children’s ballet classes will start in January. Please see below details:

7-10 years 5.30-6.15pm
11-15 years 6.15-7.00pm

Please call Teddington Sports Centre on 020 3772 2999 for more information and to register your interest.

Register your interest for our judo courses

Our children’s judo courses at Whitton Sports & Fitness Centre are fun but also educational. They allow children to develop physical fitness, balance and physical coordination as well as mental, emotional and moral awareness.

Confidence and self-esteem will be enhanced as children progress through the grading system as each grade or goal is always realistic and achievable.

Please register your interest for our January-April 2017 courses:
5-7 years 5.00-6.00pm
8+ years 6.00-7.00pm

Please call Whitton Sports & Fitness Centre on 020 3772 2999 for details

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