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Tennis at Teddington Sports Centre

Tots Tennis
This is an early introduction to the game for pre-school aged children. These are fun based sessions with an emphasis on balance and coordination to help them get ready for our Mini Tennis course. Parents are encouraged to join in the fun with their children on court. These sessions are a great start to the tennis which will help your child enjoy a lifetime of sport.

Mini Tennis
This is a great introduction to the sport for young children aged between four and ten years old. It’s just like playing the real game but with smaller courts, nets, rackets and lower-bouncing balls. The low compression balls used in Mini Tennis are now being used by clubs and coaches across the UK to introduce adult beginners to the sport. These slower and lower bouncing balls make it far easier to learn the game.

There are three levels of Mini Tennis; Red, Orange and Green, each with their own court size and type of ball. This type of approach, based on age and physical maturity enables players to develop vital skills and techniques at an early age.

We have a fantastic highly qualified coaching team here at Teddington Sports Centre that will ensure every child has great fun while learning a new sport. We aim to progress the programme of courses throughout the season. Click here for more information.

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