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Feel Good Swim School - adult lessons

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. It’s gentle, aerobic and great for the heart and physique.

Learning to swim as an adult can be intimidating and challenging. While swimming seems to come naturally to children at times, it can be difficult for adults to realise there are options out there for them to improve.

Finding a workout routine that’s both effective and fun is more important than ever. Working out in a gym is a great choice, but swimming offers a low impact workout that’s sure to make your joints happy. Swimming works almost every muscle. Talk about an efficient workout!

Adult swimming lessons aren’t just for people who can’t swim at all. Many adults who know how to swim may not necessarily swim with an efficient swim stroke. When you are in the water you should move in smooth, light motions. If you’re splashing around, you probably don’t have the fundamentals down as well as you thought. Adult swimming lessons can help to improve stroke development.

Here at Teddington Pools & Fitness Centre we offer 6 week courses for beginners, intermediate or advanced swimmers. Please click here for more information or call the centre reception on 020 8977 9911.

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