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Gymnastic for all ages

Gymnastics for all ages!

At sports and fitness centres across the Borough our gymnastics classes are fantastic way to get your children involved with the safe, fun and challenging sport of Gymnastics. The classes are taught by the Staff at Richmond Gymnastics Association.
“Participation in gymnastics teaches and enhances fundamental movement patterns learned early in life and essential for continued growth and development. Gymnastics teaches how to control the body for safe landings and develops co-ordination for other sports and life activities. Learning new skills and getting stronger builds confidence and self-esteem in children” (British Gymnastics)

Classes are held at:
Whitton Sports & Fitness Centre Mondays
Teddington Sports Centre Tuesdays & Wednesdays
Hampton Sports & Fitness Centre Saturdays
Shene Sports & Fitness Centre Saturdays

Child not yet at school? Richmond Gymnastics Association runs classes every week day for children as young as 6 weeks. Check out their preschool classes here

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