Feel Good Swim School

For those wanting to learn to swim we offer courses for all ages and abilities. We have highly qualified instructors who will help to develop confidence both in and around the water. There are the last few remaining spaces available for our September courses week beginning 8 Sept – please see below for details.

Wednesday’s at 9.30am (5 spaces) and 10am (3 spaces)
Thursday’s at 9.30am (1 space)
Friday’s at 9.30am (1 space) and 10am (1 space)
Friday’s at 3pm (3 spaces)

Monday’s at 3.30pm (2 spaces)
Tuesday’s at 4.30pm (1 space)

Tuesday’s at 3pm (2 spaces)
Wednesday’s at 3.30pm (2 spaces)
Thursday’s at 10am (2 spaces)
Thursday’s at 3.30pm (3 spaces)

Monday’s at 4pm (1 space)

Tuesday’s at 5.30pm (1 space)

Wednesday’s at 4.30pm (1 space)
Thursday’s at 5pm (3 spaces)
Friday’s at 4.30pm (8 spaces)
Saturday’s at 9.30am (3 spaces)

Friday’s at 4pm (2 spaces)

Monday’s at 4pm (1 space)
Tuesday’s at 4.30pm (1 space)

Monday’s at 4.30pm (3 spaces)
Tuesday’s at 5.30pm (3 spaces)

Monday’s at 5pm (7 spaces)

Friday’s at 5pm (2 spaces)

Please click here for more information or call the centre reception on 020 8977 9911.

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