Looking to get fit but hate going to the gym

Whether you’re just getting into an exercise routine, or have been a fitness enthusiast for years, group exercise classes are a great way to move your fitness level up a notch. And with all the different options Whitton Sports & Fitness Centre offers, there’s a group exercise class for every fitness level and every interest.

Into dancing? Take a Zumba class. Prefer a quieter workout? Try a Yoga or Pilates class. Looking for a challenge? Try a Les Mills BODY ATTACK™ class

But the benefits of taking one of these group fitness classes go beyond the obvious. Yes, you’ll get a great workout and improve your health while having fun doing something you love, but that’s not all…..

• You’re more likely to show up – and keep showing up.
• Having an instructor ensures you’re doing each exercise correctly.
• You’ll be challenged to push yourself to the next level.
• Group exercise classes are, simply, fun.

So why not come along and try BODY ATTACK™, Zumba, Circuits, Yoga and Pilates.

Don’t forget if you’re a direct debit or annual member then all of our fitness classes are free.

Click here for our full fitness class programme or call Whitton Sports & Fitness Centre on 020 3772 2999 for more information.

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