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Have you tried Body Flex?

Looking for a different fitness class? Are you bored with Zumba and Spin?

Why not give Body Flex a try. It’s a blend of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates that builds strength and flexibility. The class includes a series of controlled stretches, moves and poses to music, with an all-over holistic workout that brings the body into a state of balance.

What about circuits? This is a cross training class that is great for developing all-round fitness. Straightforward aerobic and resistance exercises are performed at a series of workstations, creating a fun and challenging workout that is different every time.

Our energetic and enthusiastic instructors at Hampton Sports & Fitness Centre will help you get fit and have fun at the same time!

Don’t forget if you’re a direct debit or annual member then all of our fitness classes are free.

Click here for our full fitness class programme or call us on 020 3772 2999 for more information.

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