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How fit do you think you are?

Here at Feel Good Fitness our Fitness Testing Support Service, which uses FitnessAge, will allow our trainers to develop a comprehensive training programme based on the results of your fitness test.

Ever wondered whether you’re ageing faster or slower than you should be? After reaching the age of 21, your chronological age has very little meaning or relevance when compared to the physical condition of your body and overall health. Ageing doesn’t happen with just the rising and setting of the sun, but rather is heavily influenced by how you treat your body

So what Is FitnessAge?
FitnessAge is a breakthrough fitness assessment programme that inspires and motivates real change. FitnessAge provides a fun and easy to understand fitness assessment experience.

Age vs FitnessAge
A 42 year old can have a FitnessAge of 64 or 24, depending on how well they have looked after themselves. For example, if a 42 year old had neglected their health and fitness and their FitnessAge is 64, this means they are physically performing at the same level as the average 64 year old. On the flip side, an older individual who is health conscious could maintain the physical condition of a much younger person.

If you would like to book a test or have any questions please email or call 020 3772 2999.

Please note our fitness testing support service is only available to Feel Good Fitness direct debit and annual members.

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